Pi4 Server for The Portable Hybrid Local Area Network (PHLAN)

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By Francois Gurin <matrix@shot.org>

About the Pi4 PHLAN server 

Why the Pi4

The Raspberry Pi in general is a great hardware platform for a quick DIY project.  The Pi4 in particular offers a nice balance of performance and size.  It's just small enough to fit anywhere and just powerful enough to run some beefy servives including some real time transcoding in Plex.  There is also a huge community out there that supports the Pi both as hardwaree and software. 

The hardware

The Software

I always start with a fresh Raspbian installation.   Regardless of the size of your microSD card, I recommend keeping a fairly small partition (I typically use 32GB) for the OS and partition the rest as an NTFS data volume.  NTFS is decently supported under Linux these days, supports symbolic links, and can be mounted easily enough under Windows for quick access to files.  If you do this, be sure to add a matching line to /etc/fstab so it is automatically mounted on boot.  On the data volume I will typically have my on the go collection of music, video, ebooks, and other files I'm using.

After basic configuration including the software for the PiJuice, I activate a number of services.    I've listed some out below -- some will have detailed steps for the benefit of myself and others, others will just be bullets of what was enabled.  Feel free to contact me if you need any help or have any advice.


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